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What is SVA?

A breakthrough digital solution related to money transaction. Future SVA is a kind of digital cash that you can use to make your payment or any money transaction whenever and wherever you travel. By using Future SVA, your e-commerce business, private payments, your online business, your retail store can speed up the money transaction with both clients and suppliers, which promises to open avenues to saving you money and even boosting your business growth. Trust Future SVA and start using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world right now.


  • Name: SmartFVA
  • Ticker: SVA
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Max Supply: 40,000,000 SVA
  • Pre-mine: 12,000,000 SVA
  • Staking: 10% Year
  • PoW Reward: 50
  • Mining: CPU/GPU
Debit Card

Using Debit Card of Future SVA is the most simple and convenient way to make your payments, do money transaction. We, with our partners, will provide you a Debit Card that can use anywhere, anytime, all over the world. You can also use it to withdraw or transfer money via an ATM machine.

Mobile App

With your smart phones, you just need to download Future SVA mobile app, and start transferring money and making any payments with your clients, your partners, your suppliers… By using Future SVA app, there is no need to fill tons of annoying forms which are oppressively complex, time-consuming and may result in delay in getting business done.

How to use SVA?

SVA Exchange is always available to meet your trading demand, you can trade SVA on SVA Exchange or other exchanges, especially with our partners.
Investment pack would guarantee your daily profit, the monthly profit can be up to 17% and the annual profit is extremely significant, which would guarantee you a considerable increase in investment assets in the long run. For most people, securing a profit up to 17% monthly is not easy at all. So Future SVA Lending program is the gateway to your financial success.
Why can you earn profit from Staking? As Future SVA block chain technology will give you bonus when you hold your coin and it will be used to stake. It is a way to confirm transaction for the system, the more you keep Future SVA, the more bonus you earn from Staking. This means that if you just hold your coin in your wallet over time, and your coins are not used for Staking, you could miss substantial benefit. So if you have Future SVA that you are not involved in lending or trading then you should be involved in staking. With Future SVA, you are always guaranteed to earn profit in one way or another. We offer a specific construction of staking on our website, so if you are really interested in Staking, please visit our website for more details.