Time : 2018-06-07

Dear SVA community,

We'd like to send you all the best regards and thanks for your co-operation and support.

We feel proud when our project is still moving forward to achieve the goals with unceasing efforts from all team members.

At present, we have mastered our Smart FVA Voice Assistant and as you all know that SVA coin has been listed on Tradesatoshi Exchange as what we promised with the community.

We are building a 5-year plan for SVA project. Therefore, SVA coins will be listed on many big international exchanges in coming time .

For long term development of SVA coins, we have to stop all Lending packages(A-C investments included). Within 48 hours, we will return the exact amount of coin that you invested.

Investors are required to send all coins in ID to Tradesatoshi.com or internal Exchange for exchange before next Monday. All loss of coins or ID we will not be responsible after this time. Later, investors can hold coins in your window wallet for staking with 10%/year added and sell coins at anytime you want on big exchanges in coming time.

You can withdraw and send coins with unlimited amount after 48 hours from now.

Good news will come soon, please stay and keep in touch with SVA.

We'd like to confirm that SVA will be a potential and valuable project with long-term strategy.

We wish you all the best.


Time : 2018-05-01

Dear SVA community,

In the dreary situations of crypto currency in general and Sva in private, we understand more than anyone else about your anxiety in recent days. With the best kindness and in the spirit of building up to grow together, today SVA team would like to send to all community some very clear and popular messages as follows:

Firstly, we'd like to send to all of you truthful thanks for the trust of choosing SVA and overcome the difficult periods of the past. For this, you dear deserve to be an integral part of this perfect project in a near future.

Secondly, we still keep going forward to complete our App in such difficult periods. Despite the great efforts we made but also inevitably there are many members not happy or satisfied with the current situations. We understand your feelings and we want to call for your patience, mutual understanding , positive thoughts and actions for building a long-term project.

Thirdly, we'd like to insist that our project is real and we can proud of our products : App and Coins. And our coin is much better than others which disappeared or become nonsense now.

Fourthly, we are happy to announce that SVA coins has been successfully listed on the international Exchange named azcmoney.com. This Exchange is new but we will have many advantages to be the top coin in this exchange.

SVA Coins will also be listed on other international Exchanges in coming time.

Fifthly, we will send you the instructions for using App, so please check your email within this week. This App is very helpful for all people. But you need time to use it perfectly.

Last but not least, we confirm that we have been doing our best to build one of the best projects in 2018.

We will also co-operate with many international CEO and leaders to develop community all over the world after completing SVA APP version 1.0.

Finally, we are grateful to all those who choosing SVA, understanding, working and fighting for a brighter future with SVA. SVA team will never stop no matter how hard it is.

Together, we will build a bright future.

Love you all,


Time : 2018-04-10

Dear SVA members,

As we announced , today is the day of launching our App. However, with android version 8.0, many people aren't affordable to own it. So we are building android 7.0 and 6.0. This may take 10 to 14 days to complete it. We are working hard to bring the best things to our community. Just stay tuned and support us.

Thanks & Best regards!


Time : 2018-04-06

Dear SVA members,

We’d like to bring you good news on the occasion of launching Smartfva App Assistant version 1.0 next week. 1. Promotions for investors who join the A-C investment program:

- 500 usd package: will be rewarded 01 license for using APP for 1 year free.

- 1000 usd package: 3 licenses.

- 5000 usd package: 20 licenses.

- 10.000 usd package: 50 licenses.

- 50.000 usd package: life-time guaranty for free.

Note: * All old members who joined A-C investment program with the same packages above will get the same promotions. Congratulations!

* All A-C investors can buy licenses now on the website: http://smartfva.co

* All A-C investors can buy license with 1usd/month and can sell it with price of 2usd as regulated by company.

2. Yobit Exchange: we are going to list SVA on Yobit on 16th of April. Investors with 500usd package up and have at least 01 F1 with 5000 usd package or more will be able to transfer from 100 to 300 SVA/day to Yobit for sale. All SVA members also can transfer but with different levels: from 10 to 50 SVA/day. These amount of SVA transfer will be more, depend on market growth.

Best regards!

SVA Dev Team

Time : 2018-03-30

Dear SVA members,

+ Smartfva APP virtual assisstant with English and Vietnamese language will be officially launched on 9th of April, 2018 for android version 8.0. All members(A-C Investors with minimum 100usd package) can buy licenses and load app on CH Play or similar for use or sale for others. One member can buy many licenses.

+ SVA Coin will be listed on international Exchange within 2 weeks. IDs that joined A-C investment with minimum 500usd packages will be able to transfer bigger amounts of SVA coin to International and Internal Exchanges for sale compare with L-project accounts for community developing.

+ To help old investors who haven’t transferred SVA coins from L-Project to A-C investment accounts, we will permit all old accounts transfer SVA coins to A-C Accounts within 36 hours from 8:00 AM Saturday to 20:00 PM Sunday, the 1st of April( New York time; it will be from 8:00 PM Saturday night to 8:00AM Monday, the 2nof April in Southeast Asia). To do this, we have to close Internal Exchange during this time.

Best regards!

SVA Dev Team

Time : 2018-03-26

Dear members,

+ Internal Exchange has opened.

+ In order to protect investors' SVA value and keep SVA price going up, selling priceorders will be accepted from 15000 sts up.

+ Old accounts in L-Project will be able to transfer SVA within 1 week.

We are trying our best to build a firm future for all investors and leaders. Therefore, we have to carry out tight policies that may make some investors feel uncomfortable. Be patience! We'll do our best for community and make our project become one of the best one in 2018.

Investors who joined Lending project will have big assets within 6 months.

Leaders will have good lives and bright future with SVA.

Don't be hesistant, Only action bring you good future at SVA.

Best wishes!

SVA Dev Team

Time : 2018-03-25

Dear SVA Investors & Leaders,

We are happy to announce that Internal Exchange will open within 8 hours.

All members registered the minimum 500 usd package in A-C investment will have the chance to transfer SVA to lnternal Exchange for sales.

When Internal Exchange opened, all SVA coins transferring will be limited reasonably.

Best regards!

SVA Dev Team

Time : 2018-03-20

Dear SVA Investors & Leaders,

A-C Investment packages are ready for all investors. You can transfer SVA coins easily with unlimited amount. But this will be limited reasonably after 24th of March.

In order to control market balance, the first 1000 investors with minimum package of 500 usd will be able to transfer coins to internal and international exchange for sales first.

Best regards!
SVA Dev Team

Time : 2018-03-17

Dear all SVA investors and Leaders,

We officially inform that we start new strategies to bring the best things to SVA Community. Please read carefully following notices on A-C Investment.

1. INTERESTS: is an amount of profit paid daily by the company. This interest will be paid by USD. Investors can convert from USD to SVA Coin and sell them on internal exchange or international exchanges.
2. MAX OUT 300% : is a maximum amount of money(USD) that every investor can earn from all sources(profit + bonus + commission). The investor has to re-invest any packages if that investor want to receive all commissions occured from his system.

3. SHARING BONUS: is a amount of bonus(6%/month) for the investor’s investment amount when the investor shares APP and opens 4 ID F1 invested at least 100 USD on each ID, within a month . This bonus will be paid on the 1st day of the next month.

Investors can register by 02 types:
1. Type 1: 50% by SVA Coin( buy on website, internal exchange, international exchange) and 50% by Bitcoin.
2. Type 2: 30% by SVA Coin + 20% by USDSVA + 50% by Bitcoin. By this way, leaders can transfer 20% SVA to new downline’s registrations by converting his SVA into USDSVA and transfer it to downline’s USDSVA wallet.

1. All commissions will be devided into 80% Bitcoin transferred directly into leader’s BTC wallet that can be withdrawed right away and 20% into USD wallet.
2. Time of payment:
a> Direct commisions of 9 levels: will be paid right away at the time of downline’s registrations.
b> Enterprise Commissions: on the 1st day of the next month.
c> Life Style Bonus: at the weekly and monthly events when the investor achieve the ranking.
D> TIME FOR NEW REGISTRATIONS: from 19th to 23rd of March, 2018, old investors can transfer their SVA Coin from L-project to A-C investment wallet to register new packages. Internal Exchange will be opened on 24th of March. All the selling prices on internal exchange will be accepted from 1.5 usd up.
- All Lending packages still remain and Investors can access easily on L-PROJECT
- All your old IDs and system have been transferred to A-C investment system with the same accounts and passwords.

Best regards!

SVA Dev. Team

Time : 2018-03-13

Dear SVA Investors & Leaders,

+ SVA website will be opened and business activities will start within 24 hours.
+ New policy will start within 24 hours
+ Lending profits will be paid as usual.
+ You can access your Lending Account on L-Project.
+ No more Lending packages or ID will be registered since 13th, March 2018.
Wish you all good health and prosperity!